Vibratory Surface Finishing

Dalton Vibratory Surface Finishing is a South African based company with over 30 years experience in vibratory surface

finishing. We are the only company manufacturing Vibratory Surface Finishing media and compounds in South Africa and

has become a major player in the market of vibratory surface finishing.

Our Mission 

To become the largest supplier and manufacturer of surface finishing media and machinery & Providing our customers with professional and quality service every time.

Ceramic Media

There are many things to consider when selecting a media type for your process. Required finish, machine size, shape, size and weight of the part to be treated. Various types of media with varying amounts of abrasive are required for each process.

Dalton manufacture a variety of sizes, shapes and abrasiveness to meet your required finish. This ensures the right media is available for each application. Sample tests can be done at our test lab to ensure the correct product is found for your operation.


Finding a solution to your problems…

Chemical compounds are a key to your required finish. Our compounds are designed with your finish in mind. Our environment is always considered when we supply a compound, with this in mind the majority of our compounds are almost completely biodegradable. Whether you are needing to degrease, deburr or polish we strive to find the best solution for you.