Choosing Tumbling Media For Vibratory Deburring Machines

A common deburring machine used for mass finishing parts is a vibratory deburring machine, or vibratory tumbler, which utilizes abrasive media to deburr, clean or polish unfinished or dirty parts or objects. The abrasive media and unfinished or dirty parts are put inside a large drum. The drum vibrates, driving down the contents in a circular motion, mixing everything together. The unfinished or dirty parts are subsequently deburred, cleaned or polished by friction with the abrasive material.

The type of deburring, cleaning, or polishing desired and the part characteristics will determine the type, shape, and size of the abrasive media used. Some common types of tumbling media are abrasive steel, plastic, ceramic, and organic materials. These materials can be purchased in a variety of shapes, pyramids, cones, wedges, spheres, cylinders, ovals, and other forms depending on the function needed. Holes or slots in the parts will determine the size and shape of the media used. To prevent media lodging in the part, it should be a minimum of 70% the size of the hole or slot. This avoids two pieces getting stuck side by side in the piece