Mass Finishing Compounds

The main objective for compound in mass finishing applications is to keep the entire mass clean. The function of compound within the mass is to keep your parts clean (enabling the media to do its' work), keep the media clean (extending the life of the media), and lubricate the mass itself as it travels through your machine (extending the life of the lining of your mass finishing equipment). Compounds can also provide ancillary benefits such as rust protection.

Compound is an integral piece of the mass finishing puzzle. Burnishing and polishing are impossible without the correct compound. Even standard deburring applications will succeed or fail as a result of compound selection.

Liquid Compound is more commonly used in most mass finishing applications. Liquid compound can be automatically metered in at established dosing levels by an integrated metering pump, or can be added manually to a process.

Surface Preparation also offers a line of recyclable compounds. These liquid compounds can be recycled through your system when used with a Centrifuge Wastewater System.

Powdered Compound is most commonly added manually to a mass finishing application, however automated powder feeders are available. Processes demanding stringent finish applications often times will find success utilizing powdered compounds.

Incredible results have been achieved with unique mass finishing paste processes. These paste processes utilize powdered grinding and polishing compounds engineered to meet a specific range of finish requirements.

Given the complexities of proper compound selection, contact Surface Preparation for assistance with your mass finishing process.