Mass Finishing Media

Surface Preparation offers a comprehensive range of mass finishing media. Mass finishing media (also called tumbling media) is available in numerous shapes, sizes and configurations. Media can be ceramic, plastic, metallic and even organic. However the two most common classifications of mass finishing media are Ceramic & Plastic.

Ceramic – Ceramic mass finishing media can be used for processes varying from heavy grinding applications to fine polishing processes.

Plastic – Typically plastic media is used for gentle surface finishing. Plastic mass finishing media is commonly used for softer, non-ferrous materials such as die castings.

Within each of these classifications mass finishing media can also be categorized by:

Composition – The composition of the media determines whether it is intended for heavy grinding, fine finishing or anything in between. Variables such as the bulk density (weight of media per cubic foot) and abrasive content within each composition are important factors in selecting which composition best fits your finishing requirements.

Shape – Most mass finishing media can be classified as pre-formed media however random, or nugget media is available. Pre-formed media is made in a specific shape designed for a specific finishing application. The shape of the media is critical in the success of your application. Different shapes of media in the same composition and same size will yield completely different results. Below is a list of the most common shapes used in mass finishing applications:



Tri Star



Size - The size of the media can make or break a mass finishing application. If your media choice is too large it may not properly reach 100% of the surface area on the components you are processing. Likewise, if the media size is too small it may present a "lodging" problem for your processed components.

Let Dalton Vibratory Finishing assist you with determining the proper composition, shape & size media for your application. Contact us today to optimize the productivity of your mass finishing media.