How Metal Finishing Machines Work

Metal finishing machines are used to surface finish the exterior of a metal product. Typically, this is achieved using loose abrasives, tumbling media, plating, buffing, or powder-coating in combination with cleaning compounds. Production speed and finishing capability depend primarily on the equipment's calibration, making some machines better than others for a given project.

Advantages of Metal Finishing

Metal finishing machines are used to achieve a variety of smoothing and surface finishing goals. They can be useful for:

Vibratory Finishing Machines

Rather than using a rotating barrel, vibratory finishing equipment surround a workpiece with high-frequency motion that can reach 1,700 vibrations per second. This process delivers smooth surface quality and is well-suited for applying finish to products with deep cavities or tubular recesses. Water may be used as a dampening medium because it lowers the cutting action rate. This is especially useful for operations like burnishing, in which the cut-rate must be at a minimum.

Some of the major benefits of vibratory finishing machines include:

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