Vibratory Deburring and Mass Finishing Systems

At Dalton Vibratory Surface Finishing we supply a wide range of vibratory finishing equipment, tumbling machines, vibratory deburring bowls, tubs and ovals for parts of all sizes, shapes and compositions.

Plastic Media

Plastic medias are generally used for a more gentle treatment of parts. There are many things to consider when selecting a media type for your process. Required finish, machine size, shape, size and weight of the part to be treated. Various types of media with varying amounts of abrasive are required for each process.

Dalton manufacture a variety of sizes, shapes and abrasiveness to meet your required finish. This ensures the right media is available for each application. Sample tests can be done at our test lab to ensure the correct product is found for your operation.

Vibratory Deburring and Polishing Experts

Whether metal finishing, vibratory, barrel and high energy centrifugal deburring, polishing and surface finishing machines offer established processes that have been employed successfully throughout South Africa deburring, polishing and surface finishing industry for over 30 years