Vibratory Deburring and Mass Finishing Systems

At Dalton Vibratory Surface Finishing we supply a wide range of vibratory finishing equipment, tumbling machines, vibratory deburring bowls, tubs and ovals for parts of all sizes, shapes and compositions.

Vibratory Bowl Finishing Machines

Round bowls are extremely versatile machines making them the most popular choice for gentle edge breaking, surface smoothing, as well as aggressive deburring. Dalton Vibratory Surfac has long been a supplier of high qulaity round bowl vibratory technology. Our dedication to supplying continuously improving equipment with the latest engineering has allowed us to supply the most complete and cost-effective line of vibratory bowls available.

Trough Vibratory Finishing Machines

Trough Vibratory Machines are a perfect choice for finishing large, or delicate parts. The aggressive action of these machines is ideal when shorter time cycles are required. Dalton Vibratory Surface Finishing offers many standard tub sizes . Our extensive knowledge of process development will ensure that you get a machine that is fitted properly to your production needs.

Barrel Tumbling Vibrating Machines

Barrel tumbling, or machine tumbling, is a part-on-part process and is considerably more aggressive than vibratory finishing. The end result is often the same—edge break, dirt, oil and rust removal, and even clean to a bright finish—but it is best suited for smaller, harder metal parts.

Vibratory Deburring and Polishing Experts

Whether metal finishing, vibratory, barrel and high energy centrifugal deburring, polishing and surface finishing machines offer established processes that have been employed successfully throughout South Africa deburring, polishing and surface finishing industry for over 30 years