Brass Media Tumbling

Brass media tumbling, a method used in the firearm and reloading community, is a process of cleaning and polishing brass cartridge casings. It involves placing the brass casings in a rotary tumbler along with specialized media, such as small stainless steel pins or corn cob/walnut shell granules, and a cleaning solution. The tumbling action agitates the casings against the media, effectively removing dirt, debris, oxidation, and stains, resulting in shiny, polished brass ready for reloading.


1. Cleaning Process:

Brass media tumbling is a highly effective way to clean cartridge brass. The tumbling action ensures that the media reaches every nook and cranny of the casings, removing carbon build-up, dirt, and residues from the firing process.

2. Media Types:

Two common types of media used in brass tumbling are stainless steel pins and organic materials like corn cob or walnut shell granules. Stainless steel pins offer aggressive cleaning, whereas organic media provide a softer touch, suitable for polishing and removing light debris.

3. Tumbler Operation:

The brass casings, media, and a cleaning solution are placed into the tumbler, which then rotates the contents. This rotation causes the media to scrub against the brass, loosening and removing contaminants. The duration of tumbling varies based on the level of cleaning required.

4. Benefits of Brass Tumbling:

5. Considerations:

In the world of firearms and reloading, brass media tumbling stands as a cornerstone process for maintaining cartridge brass. It offers a meticulous and efficient way to clean and polish brass casings, ensuring not only functional reliability but also enhancing the visual appeal. Whether for hobbyists or professionals, the technique's effectiveness in restoring brass to its pristine state remains unparalleled. By understanding the nuances of media types, tumbling duration, and post-tumbling care, enthusiasts can harness the benefits of brass media tumbling to optimize their reloading endeavours.


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